Lady Gaga Likes Me

Today when getting on my daily Twitter account, I notice that Lady Gaga has invite me to Google+. I am not sure what to make of the fact that she is worse singer than Justin Bieber or that Google+ has threatened to destroy my blogging empire. There is only one way to ensure the continuation and propogation of my evil scheme to make money off the Internet, and that is to start a post about conspiracy theories around her:

  1. Her real name is Natalia Von Prussia and she is the heir to the throne of Azazel, evil demon.
  2. She is married to Joseph MacDonagh, who was an evil Irish man.
  3. She was born a man.
  4. She eats babies.
  5. For fun, she likes to destroy media empires by boycotting their advertising.
  6. She hates America and wants to bring it down.
  7. There was one point in her conception when her father got sick from Mad Cow Disease.
  8. She does not actually exist and is a robot created by a computer.
  9. She controls the world bank through her sycophantic Tibetan masters.

What do you think of my conspiracy theories?