Bob Muntz

Pictured to the left, Bob Muntz was a lawyer in the Boston area and lost his license. Bob continues to believe that he is a high-powered attorney. In fact, Bob hasn’t practiced anything but some traffic law, and that quite poorly. He’s never won a case and once threatened to beat a judge to death with a giant rubber dildo. While quite intelligent, Bob’s inability to focus on reality for any amount of time has resulted in constant ostracism from his coworkers and family. Bob is quite friendly with his fellow inmates at the institution however, and tries to help them out whenever possible.

Bob is an attention whore and always will ask people to comment on his blog. If you do it, he’ll leave you alone, but if you don’t he’ll continue to bother you.

Bob is currently refusing his medications and therefore his actions are more than extreme at the moment. Approach with caution.