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  • docliptz 10:10 am on August 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Go to JRs in Denver. 

    Don’t Go to JRs in Denver.

    Fuck me, I’m high. I watched Michelle Hussein Obama’s speech last night and it threw me into such a rage that the people at the bar where I was at had to kick me out. JRs is the place. If you’re ever in Denver, the people in this bar are very friendly at first, until you say something about our Fuhrer Obama. Dicks.

    Anyway, I thought her speech was lame and lacked panache. She mentioned the CLIN-TON woman who was nearly her husband’s downfall. As an aside, I think I would have rather had that crazy commie woman as a president rather than that big-eared freak. Glenn Beck was right when he called Obama “a leftwinger to challenge Al Sharpton in craziness”. Well, maybe he said that or maybe the voices told me he did. Either way, it’s true.

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    My First Two Days at the D(ouchebag) NC 

    My First Two Days at the Douchebag National Convention

    Well, I learned a lot my first two days here to help bring down the new communist dictator, Barack Hussein Obama. I flew into DIA (which is apparently some sort of Masonic/Satanic temple, i’m not sure) and hailed a cab into the “heart” of this “city.” Now I see why Obama chose Denver to hold his groundbreaking lovefest. It’s far enough away from reality to make him seem relevant. Also, they are pretty much just miles away from ranches.  And I heard that the Democrats liked the movie Brokeback Mountain. I of course didn’t see it and protested it in accordance with what James Dobson told me to do.

    Anyway, so I got a cab and told the guy, “take me to where the action is, my good man.” So he takes me to this part of town (I guess maybe downtown, not sure) on a street called Colfax. Now I’m no dummy. I know when I’m the only white guy around it’s probably not the best part of town. But, I tell myself, this is just a cowtown, so I’m sure I’m ok. The cabbie lets me out, I start to talk to this guy at the bus stop named Dijon (at least I think that’s how you spell it). I say, “whasssup my homie? Where can I get in on this fine anti-Democrat shindig? Word.” Dijon looks at me like he’s going to kill me. But he just laughs and says, “Whatchoo talkin bout dumbfuck?  Shit, man, you looking to score eh?”  I just nod cause I have no idea what he means. He tells me that I need to get to real downtown apparently, and that for 30 bennies I can find some fine anti-Democrat crunk juice. Not really sure what that means.

    So i give him 30 bucks. My entire pay for this blog. He gives me something he calls “Angel Dust” which I’m assuming is code for happy powder. I tell you my anti-Obama friends, this stuff was dy-no-mite! So anyway, I made it downtown, and am currently sleeping on the streets. Who knew that the DNC would get so many attendees?  I must be really excited about being here, cause I haven’t slept since I got here.

    I met up with this delightful group called the White Crushers who all shave their heads “for peace” is what they told me. I’ve been trying to get them to understand that Obama is evil, and so far they seem quite agreeable. Tomorrow I go to the Tent State place and help them protest the Dumbocrats.

    Oh, and a special note to Martin- suck it you entitled upperclass libtard. This country’s had enough of your kind making special concessions to your fellow richies. It’s time for real change. The kind that remembers to stay the course and support our troops.

  • docliptz 2:30 pm on August 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    DNC Stands for Douchebag National Convention 

    DNC Stands for Douchebag National Convention

    This is a non-Obama site. Screw all of you librul retards who think that big-eared freak is going to save the nation. If he had kept us out of Iraq, then his brother Saddam would still be alive. Fucking joke you people are, believing that crap that Obama really cares about this country. The only thing he really cares about is lining his pockets with your money so he can sneak it to the terrorists. WHY DO YOU THINK HIS MIDDLE NAME IS HUSSEIN??????? Wake the fuck up. http://www.slick.com/

    Yeah, and this too:

    THIS IS NOT A PHOTOSHOOP! This is real! It’s a picture of Hussein getting dressed up when he was trained in a Madassah!!!!! This man means business, and it’s the business of bringing down our country from teh inside!!!!

    I’m now on my way to the airport to fly into Denver for the DNC. I will be covering it as it happens. If the Dumbocrats don’t take away my free-speech gear then I’ll try to blog as much as possible while I can.

    Remember, they can take your laptop, but they can’t take your freedom! Keep your eyes here and here if I don’t check back in. These folks know me and they got my back. Keep the freedom alive!

    • Hans 2:58 pm on August 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      and this one isn’t photoshopped either….

      I can’t wait to see the result of the “man-animal” hybrid that comes about from this homosexual mating ritual….. the Republi-Saud

    • jo 5:12 pm on August 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Fuck you “Doctor”

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    The Squirter 

    The Squirter

    Rest assured scotch is involved. But usually on my end. 2 am after the country club on a random Wednesday evening there may be a voice mail. I may turn the wheel. This gal drowns me. It’s more like having sex in a  swamp. Went to Evita in Boston, and she wanted to fuck prior to the show which meant I had to sleep in it. Sorry. The bed is so soaked I cannot sleep. Not in my house any longer. If you go down on her, a minimal requirement is a snorkel, dry suit and mask. My friend the sex Phd says I have a squirter. It’s at least 6 to 8 ounces of fluid. Makes me nauseous. The first time it happened I thought she pissed on me. She was on top and I had to close my eyes and not look at her any more. I was so disgusted I couldn’t finish. I was angry. The sex Phd made me sniff my mattress. He claims no smell of urine is indicator of squirtage. It didn’t last long.

    A male antelope with all four hooves firmly planted, legs cocked. The final hope is a thrusting hard right turn. All the foward momentum must change direction in one quick motion with no loss of speed. Behind, a hungry lioness with fully extended claws and one paw up ready to swat once again at an already bloodied hind quarter. Life as a single male: An antelope, running for his life.

    Damn did I take it on the chin tonight.

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